1.2 Values Statement

In pursuit of its Mission, the USQ commits to the following values:

  • supporting life long learning, scholarly excellence, intellectual integrity and academic freedom
  • supporting research and development that contributes to new knowledge and a better quality of life
  • responding to changing needs without compromise to quality
  • supporting real innovation rather than change for change sake
  • ensuring participatory and inclusive decision making
  • appreciating the importance of open engagement and meaningful partnerships
  • recognising the contribution made by individuals
  • remaining accountable and transparent
  • ensuring an environment that is safe, supportive and stimulating
  • supporting social justice and multiculturalism and appreciating the value of difference and diversity
  • caring for the individual through approaches that are fair, inclusive and equitable
  • improving the quality of its operations as a learning organisation
  • managing a sustainable development into the future
  • providing service of high quality.