10. Remuneration

It is recognised that there is increasing emphasis being placed on and expected from stronger links between performance reviews and remuneration decisions.  A major challenge is to ensure that remuneration is linked to decisions about performance and development without employees taking an unrealistic or defensive view of their performance or their training and development needs if they think this will adversely affect their remuneration.  A further challenge is to enshrine equity principles within remuneration strategies while satisfying the diverse expectancies of the respective stakeholders.

Section 3.1 outlines general principles relating to ‘Recognition and Acknowledgement of Performance' as an important feature of the BUILD Program.  It is also recognised there are external and internal limitations on the use of individual performance pay for USQ employees covered by the BUILD Program.  These limitations are manifestations of Industrial Awards, Enterprise Agreements, internal policies and procedures and budgetary restrictions.  Within those limitations, the BUILD Program seeks to provide for a balance between the ‘recognition and acknowledgement' and the ‘remuneration' of individual performance.