4.1 Assignment of Supervisor

Every employee will be assigned a supervisor who will have the authority to conduct Performance Reviews.  Under normal circumstances the supervisor will be the "head of department", "head of section", "Dean of Faculty" or similar senior officer.  In an academic department, the "head" may be of junior academic rank to some members of the department, but by virtue of their appointment as "head", will have the authority to conduct Performance Reviews.

It is noted that in some instances, an employee may routinely carry out job responsibilities which fall outside the norm to the extent that some person other than the supervisor may have a more accurate appreciation of the appraisee's performance in these areas.  It is expected that the supervisor would actively seek feedback from this person for the purposes of a more accurate review.  In such instances, while there may be a need for input from more than one supervisor, nevertheless the review itself must be carried out by the designated supervisor who has the greater supervisory responsibility.

Effective performance management occurs when the appraiser/appraisee situation mirrors the normal supervisor/employee reporting relationship.  Existing practices, such as where secretarial or administrative employees are reviewed by an academic, are unchanged, provided the latter has primary responsibility for the organisation of the appraisee's work.  In all situations where the appraiser does not have familiarity with the appraisee's work, it is incumbent on the organisation unit manager to negotiate an alternative arrangement with the Manager (Workforce Practices) in Human Resources.

It is also recognised that in some instances a supervisor may have a relatively large number of employees to supervise and it may not be feasible for meaningful Performance Reviews to be conducted on all who report to that supervisor.  Depending on the level of appointment of employees and their level of autonomy in their respective roles, the number of employees to be reviewed by the supervisor should not normally exceed 15 persons.  (Where too many employees report directly to a supervisor or where there may be a conflict of interest, another member of staff may be assigned to conduct the Performance Reviews. All parties must be informed where this is the case).  Persons who receive this assignment must be trained in the processes of Performance Review.