Interim review (form B)

The Interim Review is designed to enable constructive, formal feedback to take place during the nominated period, and as such supports the ongoing, cyclical nature of performance management.  The Interim Review is an interim check, used to review progress towards mutually agreed goals, and provide the opportunity to discuss any difficulties relating to the achievement of goals, before such matters become the focus of the more formal Performance Management and Development Review.  In many instances, such intervention will be helpful. 

The Interim Review is an optional report and is to be used in the following situations:

  • As an interim review to monitor progress towards goals over the nominated period
  • When either the supervisor or employee has requested that the report be completed

Preparing the activities report

  • The report should be completed jointly by both the employee and the supervisor, against the attributes, activities goals and development goals as agreed in the preceding Goal Setting Plan.
  • It should provide a brief but accurate ‘snapshot' of achievements towards identified goals and creates an opportunity for goals to be revised in the light of impacting factors such as changes within the organisational unit or the University.
  • All Interim Reviews completed during the review period should be tabled and considered by the employee and the supervisor in reviewing progress towards the achievement of goals, and the setting of goals for the next period of review (which occurs at the time of the Performance Management and Development Review meeting).
  • Progress towards mutually agreed goals requires some supporting evidence.  The responsibility for compiling this evidence lies with the employee.  Progress towards goals should be substantiated by public information documents such as faculty workload formulae, teaching timetables, publication lists, work reports, and positive feedback etc wherever possible.