Annual review of team performance (form E)

BUILD designers recognise and acknowledge the growing number of work areas where participation in team-based activities constitute a substantial portion of the overall work in that area.  It follows therefore, that effectiveness as a team member is an important issue for all who work in a team environment.  The Annual Review of Team Performance offers a unique opportunity to collect useful and relevant data.

The focus of such team reviews is the functioning of the team unit.  In completing this activity, team members should note that individuals and personalities are not the targets for evaluation.

The Annual Review of Team Performance is an optional report. Employees who work in distinct work units are especially encouraged to complete this review.

Preparing for the annual review of team performance

  • Employees complete the Annual Review of Team Performance, at the request of the supervisor of the work team.  This information will be provided to all team members by the relevant supervisor.  
  • For the purposes of this review, a "team" will be defined by the natural boundaries of a work unit.  Supervisors would negotiate the constituents of their work team. Ordinarily a team would consist of three or more persons, including a supervisor.   
  • The information derived from the Annual Review of Team Performance may be used to complement the Performance Management and Development Review of individual team members.
  • As the intention behind the activity is to review team performance, it is expected that review outcomes will be communicated back to team members, and used to bring about improvements in team functioning, thereby completing the continuous improvement cycle.