What BUILD isn't

Something to be feared

We sometimes feel anxious about our work being evaluated by others. However, effective supervision can generate an awareness and appreciation of an employee's work.  BUILD enables closer communication and a greater say in the way you carry out your job duties and responsibilities.

A strategy for dealing with unsatisfactory performance

BUILD doesn't deal with unsatisfactory performance.  Where an employee fails to respond to supervisor feedback and support in relation to their performance in the workplace, his/her performance may be deemed unsatisfactory and management of the employee's performance then takes place outside the BUILD system, under existing policy and procedures for Managing Unsatisfactory Performance.

A foolproof method for managing employees

Like all systems where human behaviour is implicated, BUILD's effectiveness will be dependant on commitment by appraisers and appraisees.  If the forms and procedures are used in the manner intended by system designers, individuals and the University will benefit from the incremental and continuous improvement that results.  BUILD is designed to work in a collaborative way, with the employee and their supervisor working together to solve problems that undermine the ability to work effectively.

A tool for providing supervisors with more power

The opposite is true! By taking greater responsibility for their own career development, and providing material which supports progress towards agreed work goals, USQ employees are empowered through this new program. 

A program that will run on ‘automatic'

This is inaccurate.  Monitoring, coaching and reviewing performance must not happen as an annual event.  If we're serious about providing employees with good, timely feedback then vigilance is required throughout.  If agreed goals are too difficult, it is too late to revise them at year's end.  By then, all participants have lost interest. The challenging work environment at USQ and ongoing changes in work priorities will necessitate frequent revision.