Induction and onboarding

An onboarding and induction program is one of the most important development programs an employer can provide to their employees. The orientation phase has a great influence on a new employee’s impression of and attitude towards their new employer. Starting any new job is a daunting experience, regardless of a person’s previous work experience. Assuming that a new starter has sufficient knowledge or skills to find their way will undoubtedly create unnecessary anxiety, with a likely outcome being early turnover.

A well-planned and professionally conducted induction is the quickest and most effective way to transition a nervous new starter into a confident, productive employee. It reflects favourably on USQ as a whole, offering new employees the assurance that their decision to join the University was a good one!

USQ policy

USQ's policy on Employee Induction and Onboarding outlines the minimum induction standards and requirements of all new employees. 

USQ corporate induction

USQ has developed an online corporate induction module which should take around 30 minutes to complete.  The induction includes information about USQ and the employment relationship with its valued employees.  The induction module is made available to new employees on commencement with USQ and should be completed on the first day of employment, or at the very least within the first two weeks.  

Other induction programs

USQ also provides induction programs covering health and safety, equity, environmental sustainability, fraud and corruption and, for academic employees, learning and teaching topics.  These programs are conducted online, and further information and access is available from the Minimum Induction Standards matrix.

USQ induction and onboarding guidelines

USQ has developed a range of guidelines for managers and supervisors regarding the importance of the induction and onboarding process, responsibilities of all involved and some useful tips for making the experience effective and rewarding for both the new employee and their supervisor.

USQ induction checklist

Employee induction and onboarding is as much about creating an impression as it is about providing information. The impressions that you create become information that employees act on. To facilitate the assimilation of new employees into USQ, an induction checklist (DOC 218kb) has been developed for managers and supervisors.  This checklist is designed to assist managers and supervisors develop a planned program which will:

  • Inform new employees about their role, working relationships and expected outcomes;
  • Provide support for a smooth transition into the new workplace and role;
  • Clarify expectations, processes and practices thereby decreasing the anxiety which accompanies uncertainty;
  • Increase the capacity to respond to challenge and increase employee health and wellbeing;
  • Enable the new employee to identify and undertake new learning; and
  • Support the establishment of working relationships with work colleagues and the manager.

This checklist should be completed within the first week of employment, and no later than three (3) weeks after commencement.  Please return the completed checklist to Human Resources.