Management and leadership development

As a manager or supervisor at USQ you have a vital role in encouraging and supporting employees so that they can readily demonstrate behaviour consistent with our core values:

  • Respect - We respect each other and value diversity of people, culture and ideas within USQ’s community.
  • Integrity - In all we do, we apply and expect the highest personal, professional and ethical standards.  Together we act with transparency, consistency and fairness.
  • Excellence - Through expertise, innovation and creativity, we work together to excel in all that we do as a University community.

By engaging skilled managers and equipping them to perform their roles, we increase our ability to attract and retain excellent employees with the opportunity to succeed personally, professionally and organisationally.

Great workplaces come in all shapes and sizes, however they share four characteristics:

  • They are values-based organisations with a clear vision of the future
  • They have created a sense of community, where people feel a strong sense of belonging and optimism in the future
  • They have development strategies to help realise their full potential
  • They have created a performance culture where high standards of performance are set, and demanded.

As part of its commitment to welcoming and inducting new employees into the USQ community, the following programs have been created for leaders, managers and supervisors at USQ to provide support and assistance with adjusting to the work environment and ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements. 


The HR Policy Toolkit is a web-based resource designed as a manager's guide to implementing HR policies and procedures. This toolkit aims to provide you with important information that will assist you in performing your role.

Some additional resources have been compiled to assist managers and supervisors in their supervisory duties.  

Induction modules

There are a number of induction requirements for new employees. In addition to these, employees with managerial or supervisory responsibilities, including the supervision of students, are required to complete both Modules 1 and 2 of the EO Online Program, with refresher training to be completed every 2 years.

    Short courses

    Managers and supervisors are encouraged to attend sessions from the HR Professional Development program dedicated to building capacity in the areas of people management, personal leadership, strategic management and business sustainability. General information on how to register, costs and cancellations is provided to assist managers and supervisors enrol in a session. 

      Ignite:  Empowering USQ's Leaders

      In 2012, Human Resources undertook a major project to launch a comprehensive capacity development program aimed at USQ leaders, managers and supervisors. This project aims to ensure that managers and leaders have the skills, capabilities and competencies to effectively lead and manage employees in our increasingly competitive market place.

      To ensure the University is equipped to face talent management challenges such as attracting, engaging and retaining talented staff to ensure our continued success, Human Resources introduced the Ignite: Empowering USQ’s Leaders program.

      Aspire:  Inspiring Women's Advancement at USQ

      One of the University’s stated staff goals is to attract and retain excellent employees who exemplify USQ's values and provide them with opportunities to succeed personally, professionally and organisationally. Through this goal it is recognised that our people are our greatest asset and the future success of USQ is dependent on attracting and retaining the best people to support its aims and aspirations.

      In 2011, data showed that women were under-represented at senior levels within the University. To assist in addressing this important issue, Human Resources introduced Aspire: Inspiring the Advancement at USQ.