USQ employee engagement surveys

Every organisation needs people who genuinely enjoy their work.  Job satisfaction and engagement are integral to individual and organisational success.  Engagement is the emotional and intellectual commitment a person brings to an organisation or activity.

‘Climate’ or ‘engagement’ surveys (sometimes known as 'employee opinion surveys') are tools used to assess employees’ perceptions of, and satisfaction with their work and the organisation on matters such as leadership, communication, career development, remuneration and benefits etc. 

To help understand the health of the University from the perspective of all employees, USQ has committed to conducting regular employee engagement surveys.  It provides a valuable channel for "bottom-up" communication for employees, and will help management diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of USQ.


The objectives of USQ Engagement Surveys are to:

  • Obtain feedback on the views of management and staff across the University on areas such as: leadership, teamwork, communication and cooperation, issues that affect job satisfaction, general overall effectiveness etc,
  • Establish data “benchmarks” so that the University is be able to compare how it is tracking over time both internally and externally, and
  • Identify ways to improve the working environment for all employees.

Desired outcomes

Desired outcomes from USQ Engagement Surveys include:

    • Providing insight into management practices, showing strengths, weaknesses and key drivers of organisational outcomes
    • Providing scientific discipline to topics that are often misreported on such as generational differences, work/life balance and culture-fit
    • Better understanding staff opinions
    • Benchmarking against external organisations
    • Highlighting key issues and initiatives for improved corporate, work unit and individual satisfaction of University staff, and
    • Developing, implementing and monitoring action plans

    USQ surveys

    In 2006 the University conducted its first comprehensive Employee Climate Survey.  In 2010, USQ conducted its second survey - the U Count! 2010 employee engagement survey.  A further Employee Engagement Survey is planned for 2014.

    All survey results focus on high level results as opposed to individuals, with a range of measures in place to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of all employees who complete the survey.  All survey responses are sent directly to an external survey provider (currently the Voice Project at Macquarie University) and are collated and analysed by their professional team to produce results that will be distributed to all employees across USQ. 

    Who can you talk to if you want to find out more?

    The HR Planning and Policy team in Human Resources can assist you if you have any questions that relating to the engagement surveys.