USQ Staff ePortfolios

The USQ ePortfolio is available to students, alumni and staff.  It is a system that lets you prepare enduring ePortfolios showcasing your academic, professional and personal skills and experiences. It is a convenient place to record ongoing achievements and then integrate these into "ePortfolio views" visible to the world or targeted to different audiences. The USQ ePortfolio system also lets you communicate with past or present USQ students to build your professional and educational networks.

What is a Staff ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio provides a secure web-based environment in which you can systematically compile a comprehensive evidence based record of your activities, performance, capabilities, attributes and achievements and document your professional, educational and personal learning journey to create a valuable resource for demonstrating your skills, knowledge and achievements throughout your career.

Your ePortfolio can include learning and teaching matters, research and development items and materials, examples of your work and evaluative feedback from a range of sources, among other things. Once you have compiled evidence you can then publish multiple ‘views’ of all or a tailored selection the items within your ePortfolio to demonstrate achievements and experiences to different audiences or to the whole world, for example you might prepare one view for your students and another to support an application for an award or grant. At all stages you are in control of who sees which views and what these views contain. Additionally, your ePortfolio is exportable for future use if you leave USQ.

Why use a Staff ePortfolio?

Building a Staff ePortfolio can help you to document your professional growth. Reflecting on and recording your experiences can help you to recognise and review the knowledge and skills that you've developed as a result of those experiences and you may also be better able to identify any areas for further development. Although creating and using a Staff ePortfolio is entirely voluntary, it can be used to enhance activities such as performance management by providing a mechanism to record your career objectives and progress towards goals within the ePortfolio application, and by informing discussions with your supervisor about areas requiring development and appropriate development opportunities. Other activities where you are normally asked for evidence of your skills and attributes, such as applying for academic promotion, internal vacancies or secondments, or even external positions, may be supported by drawing on the examples documented in the Staff ePortfolio to ensure you have ready access to information to answer questions and respond to selection criteria. Having this information available and organised can help make these processes easier and less time-consuming.

What is happening at USQ?

You may create and start using your own Staff ePorfolio for your personal usage at any time.  Regular online and face-to-face training sessions are also available, along with a range of supporting documentation and sample eportfolios to help you get started. 

In 2010, an ePortfolio Project Board considered integration and automatic population of a number of areas of Staff ePortfolios from other USQ systems and processes and the University trialled the use of ePortfolios on a voluntary basis in supporting the Academic Promotion process in order to gather data to inform future decision making on the ongoing role of Staff ePortfolios.

Please direct enquiries regarding the ePortfolio to the relevant contacts.