USQ ePortfolio documentation

Create your USQ ePortfolio presentation

This presentation starts by locating ePortfolios alongside other user generated content services which allow "just plain folk like you and I" to publish "small things and make them matter" -- to weave them together into a story that demonstrates our learning journey, skills, experiences, and interests.

It then demonstrates a number of steps in starting to use your USQ ePortfolio. Each section contains places where you can stop the presentation and use the instructions on the slide to start creating, populating, structuring and sharing your ePortfolio.

You can also look at the accompanying PowerPoint slides with speaker's notes.

Creating and using your USQ ePortfolio guide

This guide provides an overview of the different areas of your ePortfolio accompanied with instructions on how to start using ePortfolio, customising your ePortfolio, adding evidence to your ePortfolio and creating ePortfolio views for different purposes.

USQ ePortfolio users guide

A more comprehensive User Guide should be read by all users and contains information introducing ePortfolios and demonstrations and examples. This document also describes the stages of the USQ ePortfolio project and a basic user guide to the USQ ePortfolio system.

Quick Start Using ePortfolios

Quick start to using ePortfolios at USQ (USQ staff and student access only) for people who want to “just do it”.