Sample ePortfolios

Sample ePortfolios are available when you log in to the USQ ePortfolio site. However, below are general examples for a few select areas which are required to set up your profile in ePortfolio:

'My Resume'

Employment History

Start Date: 16 June 2006

End Date: Current

Employer: University of Southern Queensland

Job Title: Senior Administration Officer

Position Description:

  1. Provide a range of high level professional assistance and corporate support to designated client groups, which may include management and resolution of complex enquiries, oversight and preparation of correspondence, documents, reports and procedures, managing websites, and developing and maintaining sophisticated spreadsheets, databases, SharePoint sites and other communication platforms for reporting, statistical, or analysis purposes.
  2. Manage various equipment and resources required by the relevant client group which may include staff rosters and building maintenance or similar.
  3. Perform general high level professional and administration support for a range of critical activities, including support for functions and events, marketing and community engagement activities etc.
  4. Oversee committee servicing activities for relevant internal committees and working parties for clients, which may include coordinating elections, and ensuring the organisation of meetings and associated servicing requirements, and monitoring action outcomes in accordance with the University’s established Committee Servicing Levels.
  5. Coordinate management of divisional records and compliance related issues in accordance with USQ record keeping guidelines.
  6. Research issues and prepare submissions of information and material required from the client area for consideration by senior management, committees, government authorities and external bodies.
  7. Maintain confidentiality and exercise high levels of diplomacy, tact and discretion in relation to sensitive matters.
  8. Contribute to the continuous improvement of administration and management services, systems and practices within the work area by proactively reviewing work processes and liaising with relevant stakeholders to implement such improvements to ensure that administrative operations are undertaken efficiently and effectively according to University requirements.
  9. Work collaboratively and in partnership with other staff, engage with clients in a consistent, pro-active manner and participate in rotations and exchanges with other Senior Administration Officers as required.
  10. Work closely with leadership position/s on broader issues affecting the team such as implementing initiatives from strategic plans and other corporate initiatives.

'Note: This may be a good place to make note of certain projects you worked on or managed, initiatives that were implemented and any other specific work projects that you worked on.

My Skills

Personal Skills

Communication Skills

In the various roles I have held I have been responsible for delivering professional client service to my clients within the University and members of the community. I have been able to consistently deliver high quality client service which has resulted in the development of good relationships with all of my contacts in the various projects that I manage.

For example, in my previous role as Administration Officer for MYN University it was necessary that I had an extremely high level of interpersonal and communication skills. This was at times challenging, due to the diversity of my client group and the various restructures and change processes that were occurring during this period. I was responsible for liaising with a wide range of staff from these work areas which included academic, professional and technical staff and I worked closely with Senior Management from these areas.

In my current role I continue to communicate effectively with my contacts from across the University. I have established good relationships with various service providers internally and externally with whom I negotiate to ensure that our requirements are met and the University receives competitive quotes for these services.

Team Work

I believe teamwork is imperative to achieving the best outcome in any work environment.

In my current role with the University of Southern Queensland I was recently required to manage a continuous improvement project which required the critical analysis of our website to ensure that we were delivering the correct information, achieving outcomes of informing staff and delivering the best possible service. 

In order to achieve this I utilised the team of 3 that were working with me on the project.  We surveyed users, interpreted these surveys, and worked through the feedback to ensure we could improve on the most critical areas.  Timelines for the project was set at three months, and due to the dedication and persistence of the team, the project was achieved in two and a half months.

I learnt from this experience that teamwork is very valuable in achieving project outcomes.  Although there were times when it was difficult to work through some issues due to differences of opinion, I found the best way to work through this was to ensure that everyone had their opportunity to be heard and to work through the issues as a team.  It was a very rewarding experience.

Academic Skills

Recent Studies

In 2008 I completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Business Administration and Project Management.  The completion of this degree has provided me with valuable theoretical insights and I have found it very useful in applying these to my day to day duties.

Work Skills

Project Management

Project management has been a big component of my work in my current role as Senior Administration Officer at the University of Southern Queensland.  In all the project management roles I have participated in I have found it necessary to ensure the following:

  • consultation is a large feature of the environment, especially if a change environment results as a consequence of the project;
  • communication is vital in ensuring everyone is informed of the progress of the project.  It is necessary to consider a number of different communication mediums to ensure the broadest range of audiences have been reached;
  • adhering to timelines and being realistic when setting these timeframes is imperative to ensure you meet financial and budgetary constraints; and
  • considerate of feedback and encouraging participation as much as possible.

In my project management experience I have found that if you adhere to all of these principles, and encourage teamwork and staff to participate the project management is more worthwhile and can be a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Problem Solving 

Feedback from participants on the continuous improvement on the website update which I managed indicated that the Program had only partially met the needs of our client base. Some found the information hard to locate, others found the information not useful at all or applicable to their questions.  To respond to this I realised I needed to determine a new conceptualisation of the website structure and content.

I held a series of problem-solving meetings with a broad cross-section of the Program’s stakeholders, participants and various staff. As a result, I implemented a number of improvements in the next program, including:

  • Receiving specific feedback about participants’ needs; and
  • Changing  the website structure to accommodate all levels

These changes resulted in higher levels of attendance and satisfaction from the client base to date.

Throughout the process I learnt  that the need to formally assess effectiveness of feedback/input from the whole client base and aligning that with our needs as a department and that there is great value of involving a broad-cross-section of stakeholders in problem-solving.

My Goals

Personal Goals

To improve on my work-life balance and improve my fitness by utilising the USQ Fit program.

Academic Goals

To commence my Masters in Business Administration in 2010 and complete 5 subjects successfully with a minimum of a GPA 5.

Work Goals

To broaden my knowledge and skills on project management and to work more closely with the staff I supervise to ensure they are provided with the support and skills necessary to perform their positions.