Getting started

How does the Staff ePortfolio work?

The Staff ePortfolio is designed to help you identify, reflect on and record the many diverse experiences that have contributed to your professional development and career. These experiences can be drawn from various areas of your life, including current or past employment, your education and training, community-based activities, or other aspects of your personal life (such as recreational activities, artistic pursuits or family responsibilities). The Staff ePortfolio also enables you to publish examples of your work and other relevant documents that demonstrate your skills and provide evidence of your achievements.

Direct access to setting up an ePortfolio is available from USQ's My ePortfolio site where you will be able to record your details and add evidence to your ePortfolio. If you want to make all or part of your ePortfolio content available to someone else, you can do so by creating and releasing a portfolio view.

Information is available outlining how to start creating and using your USQ ePortfolio or you could refer to the Create your ePortfolio at USQ site on USQStudyDesk, which provides an online tutorial, demonstrations, and example ePortfolios.

Why start an ePortfolio now?

The sooner you reflect on and record an experience and learning, the better. Your memory of the experience will be more vivid, and you'll find it easier to recall the details of the situation, the thoughts you had at the time, and the reasons underlying your response to the situation.

You can add an experience to your ePortfolio whenever you achieve, perform or learn something significant (i.e. something that you feel has contributed to your professional or personal development in some way). These experiences can be drawn from situations at work, in your education or study, in the community, or in your personal life.

Building your ePortfolio should be an ongoing exercise that continues throughout your career. This will have several benefits:

  • Using a Staff ePortfolio to reflect on your experiences and learning will help you to recognise the variety and depth of your skills and abilities, and also help you identify areas for improvement.
  • Your ePortfolio will become a very useful resource when you apply for secondments, promotions or other employment opportunities.
  • You will be able to draw on the experiences documented in your ePortfolio when responding to selection criteria and interview questions.