Academic Development and Outside Studies Program (ADOSP)

The Academic Development and Outside Studies Program (ADOSP) provides a period of paid absence for sustained research, scholarly activity or professional experience for employees.  As an additional benefit it may also help employees to establish or renew links with colleagues in appropriate fields outside the University for the purpose of enhancing their own research within the University

Academic employees considering applying for a period of ADOSP should familiarise themselves with the following:

Important ADOSP Timeframes

Semester Two and Three 2016 Date
Call for applications 20 July 2015
ADOSP Application Form completed by Applicant and forwarded to supervisor 28 August 2015
Completed by supervisor and forwarded to Human Resources 4 September 2015
Human Resources checks and forwards to Divisional Head and Committee 18 September 2015
Divisional Committee meetings held 2 October 2015
Divisional Heads forward outcomes to Human Resources 9 October 2015
University ADOSP Moderation Committee held 23 October 2015
Written advice from HR to applicants 13 November 2015

All questions relating to the Academic Development and Outside Studies Program Policy or process should be directed to Sonia Swanepoel, Senior HR Officer (Client Services).