Traineeship Scheme

A Traineeship Scheme for employees to obtain a Certificate IV in Frontline Management is available to professional employees who do not currently possess a qualification higher than a Certificate III or IV (however due to limited places, preference will be given to employees who do not currently hold any formal qualifications). 

The scheme is aimed at providing an opportunity for professional employees in administrative or supervisory positions to complete a Certificate IV over a 12 month period.  The Registered Training Organisation, The Australian School of Business and Law, provides the following information outlining how the program works and what topics will be covered:

What makes this scheme attractive?

  • It is funded through government incentives and there is no cost to the trainee or USQ
  • There are no exams
  • On-campus workshops to help and guide trainees through tasks and assignments
  • Individual contact with a trainer in Toowoomba
  • Study-time release from your job at USQ
  • You will have support in your current working environment and the training is based on examples in your current job
  • The Training Organisation claims a 100% success rate for trainees

Other details

  • Open to eligible existing employees to obtain a Certificate IVQualification over a 12 month period whilst continuing current employment at USQ.
  • Eligibility to participate is guided by government policy and will include existing continuing employees holding a Certificate IV or lesser qualification. 
  • USQ will use the Australian School of Business and Law as the Registered Training Organisation.  They will have a local trainer based in Toowoomba to guide students through the 12 month program.  This will include 10 formal group-workshops presented on campus in Toowoomba during normal daytime hours as well as one-on-one visits and consultations.  Assessment will be through tasks and assignments that are workplace specific and there are no exams.
  • USQ will use 'Busy at Work' as the Government approved sign-up agency for the traineeships.
  • The Trainee will be granted 10 hours per month paid study time.   The study time will be time release from normal duty and will be used to attend the workshops, study and completion of tasks at their place of work and on-site visits by the trainer.  A Trainee will have to be committed to use private time over and above the paid study time.
  • An employee can only join the scheme with written approval, agreement and commitment from his/her faculty/department and supervisor.  
  • The training is funded through Government incentive payments and will be at no cost to the employee or USQ (subject to conditions).
  • All administration will be undertaken centrally at Human Resources.


If you are interested in finding out more about the scheme, please contact Sue Yonge-Mitchell

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