Applicant guidelines - Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Community Engagement and Service

These guidelines have been compiled to assist employees in applying for the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Community Engagement and Service, in order to recognise and encourage exceptional community service by employees of the University.  Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Employee Achievement Awards Policy and the Community Engagement and Service Achievement Awards Procedure.


Any academic or professional University employee may nominate or be nominated for these achievement awards. Nominations may be made by:

  • Self-nomination
  • Managers/supervisors or other appropriate delegate
  • Co-workers.

Individuals or groups are eligible to nominate or be nominated.  A group may consist of a work team or unit which has worked together to implement or achieve an outstanding contribution. A group may also consist of individuals from various organisational units of the University whose liaison and cooperation has produced an outstanding contribution.


Nomination form

Nominations must be made on the appropriate Nomination Form (dependent upon the category of award being sought) setting out the reasons for the nomination and clearly demonstrating the relevance and significance of the nomination by addressing the appropriate criteria.  Nominations must indicate which selection criterion/criteria are being addressed.

Written referee statements

Nominations must be supported by two (2) written referees, including one referee from within USQ and one referee from the community. The referee statements should be no more than one page in length and support specific selection criterion/criteria for the nomination.

Supporting information/evidence

The Nomination Form for the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Community Engagement requires an outline of the Project (to a maximum of 800 words in length) and must include:

a) the goal(s) of the project,
b) achievements and benefits for USQ and the community partner; and
c) the future of the project.

The Nomination Form for the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Community Service requires an outline of the service to the community on which the nomination is based (to a maximum of 800 words in length).

Selection criteria

Refer to the Community Engagement and Service Achievement Awards procedure for detailed descriptions of criteria. Applicants must address one or more of the following criteria under each award category.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Community Engagement

Effective community engagement is an integral part of the work of the University across all areas and has a particular significance for a regional university. USQ engages with its communities in a range of ways and the annual Awards for Community Engagement aim to recognise and encourage best practice in University community engagement activities.

The award is intended to recognise achievements in developing links, partnerships and/or programs between the University and outside organisations.

The selection criteria concern partnerships that meet the University's engagement strategy and include one or more of the following criteria:

  • a focus on specific community-identified need or opportunity
  • an exchange of knowledge and expertise amongst partners
  • activities that are of demonstrable mutual benefit
  • impact on the region's development, sustained prosperity and/or social capital
  • shared planning and decision-making practices in partnership governance
  • enhanced opportunities for students and staff to participate in community-based learning and/or research activities
  • activities that contribute to the enhancement of the University's reputation as a university actively and meaningfully engaged with its community and region.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Community Service

USQ is embedded in and enjoys close ties with its communities, and as such USQ employees are an integral part of these communities and serve their community in a wide range of ways. The annual Awards for Community Service seek to recognise employees who have made outstanding contributions (outside of their normal USQ employment requirements) to the community.

The selection criteria include one or more of the following:

  • extending the University’s core values through independent service to the community
  • demonstrated community service or contribution over a sustained period of time that has had a significant community benefit
  • an outstanding response in time of crisis or need within the community
  • leadership in a particular area of community activity
  • community service that has enhanced the reputation and standing of USQ in the community


Nominations must be submitted by the closing date to the Senior Executive Officer, Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Students and Communities).


The University will advertise annually for nominations for the community engagement and service awards.

Nominations will be reviewed by a panel convened by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Communities). The panel will include a relevant senior member of staff and a prominent member of the community nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.

The University is not obliged to present each award every year.


The Award for Community Engagement consists of:

  • A Certificate of Commendation, to be presented at the annual Staff Awards Ceremony;
  • A grant of financial support available to the recipient(s) for professional development or appropriate project support purposes. Up to two individual awards of $2,000 each and one team award of $5,000 (in total) are available annually.  The grant will be divided equally between members of a group award.

Commendation Awards for Community Engagement and Community Service may also be recommended at the discretion of the Selection Committee and consist of a Certificate of Commendation only (no monetary award is applicable). Commendation Awards are also presented at the same annual Staff Awards Ceremony as the award winners.

Awards for Community Service consist of a Certification of Commendation only (no monetary award is applicable).

Conditions surrounding the expenditure of the monetary award are outlined in the Employee Achievement Awards policy.


Please check that you have:

  • Completed the type of nomination by ticking the appropriate boxes.
  • Completed Contact Details.
  • Completed Referee details and attached two (2) written Referee Statements (maximum of 1 page each).
  • Addressed selection criterion/criteria
  • Included supporting information in the Nomination Form (no more than 800 words).
  • Completed and signed the Declaration.
  • Addressed documentation to the Senior Executive Officer, Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Students and Communities) and forwarded by the due date.

Further information

Further information is available by contacting the Senior Executive Officer, Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Students and Communities).

Closing date

Nominations must be submitted by the nominated closing date to the Senior Executive Officer, Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Students and Communities).  Late applications will not be accepted.