Professional Employee Achievement Awards - Applicant guidelines

These guidelines have been compiled to assist employees in completing the appropriate application form for either the:

and should be read in conjunction with the Employee Achievement Awards Policy and the Professional Employee Achievement Awards Procedure.

Call for applications and submission

The call for applications will be made annually from Human Resources. Documentation must be submitted electronically via email to by close of business Friday 11 September 2015. Late applications will not be accepted.


Nominations will be reviewed by an evaluation panel comprising a minimum of three (3) members of the University, ie one professional employee, one academic employee, and the Director, Human Resources (or nominee) as Chair and will contain an appropriate gender mix. The evaluation panel will provide its recommendation/s to the Vice-Chancellor for approval. The University is not obliged to present each Award every year.


Awards are presented annually at the Staff Awards Ceremony. Each Achievement Award will consist of a Certificate and a Grant of Financial Support (available for professional development purposes). Conditions surrounding the expenditure of the grant are outlined in the Professional Employee Achievement Awards Procedure.

Commendation Awards may also be recommended in each category where there are nominees of sufficient quality. Commendation Awards consist of a Certificate of Commendation. No monetary grant is applicable.

Further information

Further information is available by contacting HR at