Payroll deadlines

 All payroll documentation must be submitted to Human Resources by close of business on Monday of the non-pay week, or the previous Friday if the Monday is a public holiday. This documentation includes:

  • all payroll forms (ie requests for casual appointments, casual claim forms, bank details/deductions, tax forms, overtime claim forms)

  • all documentation requiring letters for employees to sign (ie variations, higher duties, extensions, fixed term appointments and casual appointments). 

If documentation is received after the deadline, payment will be not be made until the following pay cycle.  

Therefore, to ensure that employees receive payment within the appropriate pay cycle, Faculties and Departments should forward all documentation to Human Resources as soon as it is actioned and complete - forms should not be delivered on the deadline unless there are outstanding issues that were unable to be resolved until that time.  The deadline is the latest time that documentation can be accepted for employees to be paid within the pay cycle. 

If payroll documentation is submitted to Human Resources after the deadline, the appropriate Faculty/Department is to inform the relevant employee that they will be paid in the next pay cycle. 

Remaining 2015 deadlines for pay cut off and pay dates for USQ employees


 Deadlines for Pay Cut Off
(for documentation to be in HR)

 Pay Day for USQ Employees

19 October  28 October
 2 November  11 November
16 November  25 November
30 November  9 December
14 December  23 December


2016 deadlines for pay cut off and pay dates for USQ employees

 Deadlines for Pay Cut Off
(for documentation to be in HR)
Pay Day for USQ Employees 
23 December 6 January
11 January 20 January
25 January 3 February
8 February 17 February
22 February 2 March
7 March 16 March
21 March 30 March
4 April 13 April
18 April 27 April
Friday, 29 April 11 May
16 May 25 May
30 May 8 June
13 June 22 June
27 June 6 July
11 July 20 July
25 July 3 August
8 August 17 August
22 August 31 August
5 September 14 September        
19 September 28 September
Friday, 30 September 12 October
17 October 26 October
31 October 9 November
14 November 23 November
28 November 7 December
12 December 21 December