HR policy and procedures

Human Resources Policies and Procedures have been developed to guide the actions and govern the rights of employees at the University of Southern Queensland.

The policies and procedures reflect the USQ Enterprise Agreement 2010 - 2013 which provides the employee relations framework for the management of human resources.

These policies and procedures are for use within the University and the information is believed to be reliable and current at the time of publication.  

HR Policies and Procedures may be accessed via the categories below, or alternatively the specific policy may be searched for in the USQ Policy Library.

The HR Policy Toolkit: a guide to implementing HR policies and procedures

Employees are encouraged to refer to the HR Policy Toolkit for a summarised version of HR policies and procedures, with additional practical applications to assist in the day to day management of human resources related matters.  All the information contained in the toolkit aims to give employees a quick reference point for human resources related information.