HR Delegations

There are a range of human resources activities at the University which require approval by the appropriately delegated position prior to actioning and implementation.  Delegated authorities are approved by the Executive Director (Human Resources).

Human Resources has developed a matrix which establishes five levels of HR delegation as indicated below. Each category of delegate is assigned certain authorities and responsibilities (PDF 252kb) for various HR activities.

HR delegations are attached to a “position” in the USQ organisational structure and not an “individual”.  As such, whoever is occupying the delegated position (in either a continuing, acting or fixed term capacity) automatically assumes the delegations for the period they are undertaking the role.

Note: there are also Financial Delegates who hold different levels of responsibility for approving financial transactions at the University. These delegates are different to HR delegates and such details can be obtained from the staff in Financial and Business Services.


Category of Authority Delegated Position

University Council


Category 1 Delegate




Category 2 Delegate


Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Deputy Vice-Chancellors


Category 3 Delegate


Executive Deans
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Director, Sustainable Business Management and Improvement
Executive Director, Human Resources
Executive Director, Campus Services
Executive Director, ICT Services
Executive Director, Library Services
Executive Director, Australian Digital Futures Institute
Executive Directors, Research Institutes
Executive Director, USQ International and Development
Director, Marketing and Student Attraction
Campus Executive Manager, Fraser Coast

Category 4 Delegate


Director, Learning and Teaching Support
Director, Learning Environments and Media
Director, Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges
Director, Open Access College
Director, Multicultural Centre
Director, Queensland College of Wine Tourism
Director, Office of Research
Director, Corporate Communications
Director, Legal Services
Director, Research Training and Development
Directors (USQ Research Centres)
Directors (Financial and Business Services)
Directors (Students and Communities Division)
Directors (ICT Services)
University Secretary
Director (Organisational Development and People Capability), Human Resources
Managers (Campus Services)
Corporate Records Manager
Heads of School
Faculty Executive Managers


Limited HR Delegates

In addition to formal full HR delegates, approval has also been granted for a number of positions to operate as Limited HR Delegates (PDF 280kb) to ensure appropriate continuity of service and operational expediency where appropriate.

Requests for limited delegation must be made in accordance with the Guidelines for Limited HR Delegations (PDF 192kb).