Staff Awards

The 2012 Staff Awards Ceremony was held on Friday 7 December 2012 where the following awards were presented:

2012 Long Serving Employee Awards 

10 Year Long Service Recipients

Miss Lesley Astbury
Mr Andrew Mason
Dr David Lai
Dr Glenda Adkins
Dr Jianming Yong
Ms Shelly Grist
Dr Joe Zhou
Mrs Kim Southey
Ms Sally Lowe
Assoc Prof Shirley O'Neill
Dr Guangnan Chen
Assoc Prof Thiru Aravinthan
Dr David Thorpe
Mr Kenneth Askin
Mr John Ryan
Ms Barbara Spadaro
Mr Allen Counter
Mr Peter Mudge
Mr Matthew Priebe
Mrs Caroline Drury
Mrs Andrea Davis
Mr Eric Robertson
Dr Anke Martin
Miss Ann Strutt
Mr Ranald Simpson
Ms Marianne Theios
Mrs Elaine Bellinger
Mrs Vivienne Formica
Miss Peta Jones
Mr Roger Baldwin
Miss Jayne Patzwald
Miss Robyn Mudie
Mrs Sarah Lowry
Mrs Lisa Hohn
Dr Hong Hu



20 Year Long Service Recipients

Mr Andrew MacDonald
Mrs Sue Pearson
Mrs Eve McIntyre
Dr Phillip Gearing
Dr Karey Harrison
Dr Harry Butler
Assoc Prof Ron Addie
Dr Heather Maguire
Mr Mark Norman
Mr Bill Bryon
Professor John Billingsley
Professor Tony Machin
Assoc Prof Trudy Yuginovich
Mr Peter Dobson
Mrs Christine Neville
Ms Jane Mackin
Mrs Natalie McCarthy
Mrs Caroline Hamlyn
Dr Shirley Reushle
Ms Nicole Klein
Mrs Rhonda Broksch
Mr Rod Bowe
Ms Sharon Thompson
Mr David Fritz
Mr Charlie Zwoerner
Ms Ann Ney
Ms Kath O'Donnell
Mrs Lynda Hayward
Mr Les Mitchell




25 Year Long Service Recipients

Assoc Prof John Austin
Mr Gordon Hampson
Ms Fay Mitchell
Professor Alfio Parisi
Mr Des Janke
Mr Gordon Marrie
Mr David Fuss



35 Year Long Service Recipients

Dr Barry Fields
Mr Peter Penfold
Mr Michael Thompson
Mr Eddie Flemming
Mrs Jenelle Twyford



2012 Professional Employee Awards for Excellence 

Award for Excellence in Continuous Improvement

Digital Media Services Group (Mr Jeff Black, Mr Jason Myatt, Mr Eddie Flemming, Mr Ben Meares and Mrs Jo Hallas) for introducing cutting-edge initiatives which have contributed to award-winning programs and innovative practices within the University sector and the wider education and business communities, helping to position USQ at the forefront of quality and innovation in the 2012 digital landscape.

Commendation for Excellence in Continuous Improvement

Faculty of Education Professional Experience Office (Mr Denis Hartigan, Ms Sally Lowe, Mrs Melissa Glenn, Miss Laura Evans, Miss Joanne Keleher, Ms Lisa Aurisch, Ms Barbara Wisniewski and Mrs Jennifer Smith) for continuous improvements made to support professional experience activities seamlessly across all three campuses and which have enhanced USQ’s reputation as a leading educational provider and had a positive impact on relationships with staff, students, USQ pre-service teachers and the wider educational community.

Commendation for Outstanding Service in Living the USQ Values

Ms Bev Gebbett from Stores and Distribution in Campus Services for respecting and recognising the contribution made by individuals in a new team environment, and fostering a culture of participation through fair, inclusive and equitable practices.

Commendation for Outstanding Service in Living the USQ Values

Faculty of Education Student Support Team (Mrs Dale McCleverty, Mrs Anne Wood, Ms Cara Knight, Mrs Donna Williams, Miss Laura Evans, Mrs Helen Van Herk, Miss Sarah Robinson, Miss Alexandra larsen and Miss Illse Rose) for striving for success for students by being responsive, open and approachable, respecting individual differences and backgrounds and appreciating diversity, and operating with a high degree of integrity and accountability.

2012 Equal Opportunity for Women Achievement Award 

Ms Rachael Millett and Mrs Jane Farmer for the Aspire Women's Development Program.

2012 Learning and Teaching Awards 

USQ Associate Learning and Teaching Fellowships 2012

Mrs Suzanne Byrne from the Faculty of Business and Law for "What is a taken home exam and when is it useful?".

Mrs Melissa Forbes from the Faculty of Arts for "Leading innovation in tertiary music education".

Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2012

Professor Don Gorman from the Faculty of Sciences for development of a culturally relevant supervisory relationship with Aboriginal research students, that results in graduates able to undertake research of benefit to their communities.

Ms Lindy Kimmins from Learning and Teaching Support for Meet-Up for Success. Meet-Up is a dynamic, sustained USQ-developed student-led program, based on peer learning theory. It inspires both participants and leaders, facilitating skill development and personal growth.

2012 Community Engagement and Service Awards

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Community Engagement

Ms Sharon Louth from the Faculty of Education and Mrs Christine Young at the Fraser Coast Campus for the Birrbam Burunga Gambay Project. The project, now in its second year and still growing, has received resounding endorsement from the Fraser Coast schools, Federal and State government departments, and the Butchulla people and the indigenous community of the Fraser Coast. Real and lasting inclusion, sustained engagement, respect and a true understanding of working cross-culturally with sensitivity and awareness are the basis of these accolades.

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Community Service

Professor Shahjahan Khan  for his contribution as an exemplary leader within the regional Islamic community and his dedication to cultural integration. Key amongst his achievements has been the establishment of the USQ Islamic Centre, the creation of an environment of trust for Islamic students resulting in a significant increase in the number of on-campus international students, organisation of USQ Islamic Open Days and Parliament of the World’s Religions and as founding member and President of the USQ Multicultural Staff Network.

2011 Research, Scholarship or Postgraduate Research Supervision Awards for Excellence

2011 Early Career Researcher Award

Dr Ji Zhang from the Faculty of Sciences and Centre for Systems Biology for research into data mining and knowledge discovery.

2011 Postgraduate Research Supervision Award

Professor Don Gorman from the Faculty of Sciences and Centre for Rural and Remote Area Health for research supervision, particularly supervision of seven Aboriginal research students.

2011 Research Award

Dr Brad Carter from the Faculty of Sciences for research into stellar astronomy and planetary systems.