Complementary research

During the IACT Project, the project team have come across a number of complementary projects that are either still in progress or have been completed. There are a number of useful resources and research papers that have come out of these projects including:

  • Continuity, Consolidation and Change (PDF 1.7 MB) 
  • Crazy paving learning pathways (PDF 413 KB)  
  • Defining a strategy for direct assessment (PDF 590 KB)   
  • Delivering lifelong learning for knowledge, creativity and innovation (PDF 1.2 MB)   
  • Future skills supply in Europe (PDF 1.2 MB)
  • Key Education Indicators on Social Inclusion (PDF 3 MB)  
  • TAFE Pathways Analysis (PDF 222 KB)   
  • VET to HE Transfers  (PDF 172 KB) 

    Additionally, there are other articles that provide interesting information relating to articulation and credit transfer including:
  • Higher education in TAFE  (PDF 451 KB) 
  • Qualifications soon to apply to all universities (PDF 76 KB)