Forward Schedule of Change

Scheduled System Maintenance

The Forward Schedule of Changes contains details of changes as they are approved for implementation and their proposed implementation dates.

For further information or questions regarding scheduled changes contact

 Planned date of Implementation Details of Products or Services Affected Description 
29/07/12 Systems Infrastructure Expand DHCP pool of 202 subnet
31/07/12 Internet Services Proxy config Q Block labs
31/07/12 Teaching Technology Support PowerPoint colour scheme
17/08/12 Information Systems - Web Self Service app for global distribution lists
17/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Upgrade Data Protector Cell Manager and Library Manager to v6.2
17/08/12 Telephony CAAB Database to be upgraded to v3.17
31/08/12 Information Systems - Web Allow legal discovery to contribute to be provided for old Right Now system
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Move/add storage for Moodle database clusters
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Establish sand-pit for investigation of ANDS options and other research oriented efforts
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Server File4:  Folder ITC move
31/08/12 eLearning Change logging destination of USQStudyDesk web servers
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Server Patching
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Expand DHCP pool on 191 VLAN
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Hotfix requires restart of Server File4
31/08/12 Information Systems - Web Implement a student mobile friendly site
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure EASE production performance enhancement
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure  OrgPlus Enterprise Implementation
31/08/12 Personal Computing  Modify GPO to fix GAL issue with Outlook cache mode
31/08/12 Information Systems - Library Update EZProxy config
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure New Samba shares on CS servers
31/08/12 Network Clear up 139.86.x.x address space
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Patch Domain controllers
31/08/12 Systems Infrastructure Increase max_connections for Moodle 2 postgres database
31/10/12 Data Centre Migrate old long term stored tape from old HPUX DP system to new environment