ICT Procurement

Service Description

The role of ICT Procurement is to ensure that when USQ is purchasing any ICT hardware, ICT software or associated ICT service, that USQ is able to demonstrate that it has achieved "value for money"; has advanced USQ strategic and operational priorities; and that we can demonstrate probity and accountability for the outcomes achieved.

This will be achieved by maximising the benefits that USQ is able to achieve in ICT procurement by developing expertise and understanding of the products and services that we acquire; negotiating and coordinating contracts for appropriate ICT standing offer arrangements; coordinating tenders and orders for ICT desktop hardware, server hardware and network hardware, major software agreements and software licences; reviewing ICT procurement practices and recommending changes to processes, products and suppliers where savings and value can be demonstrated; provide procurement information and advice to Faculty and Departments.

ICT Procurement will process all USQ purchase orders for ICT items and will provide guidance to USQ procurement staff on the processes for procuring ICT items via other purchase arrangements.

Service Availability

Monday to Friday 8am-5pm (AEST).

How to obtain this Service

  • Support requests can be logged with the ICT Service Desk at any time or by phone (extn 1900) during working hours.  The ICT Service Desk is located on the ground floor of Y Block at the Toowoomba Campus.
  • Alternatively you can log a support request online through ICT Self Service where you can view all issues and their associated histories, logged in your name.
  • Telephone on +61 7 4631 2480

Our Service Guarantee

  • Staff can expect the ICT Procurement Team to acknowledge receipt of your request within 1 working day. 
  • Requests for items on current agreements will be ordered within 5 working days of receipt of your request.

Service Manager

Manager, ICT Procurement and Asset Management

Client Types
  • USQ Staff

ICT Section

Performance Measurement and Investment Management

ICT Team Procurement

Section Manger

Principal Manager - Performance Measurement and Investment Management