Audio Visual Support Services

Service Description  Provides design, installation and technical support for audio visual assets owned by the university across its three campuses, including those in teaching spaces, faculties, AV loans library, and television/radio production studios.  Provides technical support to distribution services (DeC). Provide technical support to photographic services  (DeC). Provide technical direction for television projects both in the acquisition and the post production processes (DeC).
Service Availability 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday, and weekends as required for A/V productions.  Other hours can be negotiated when given sufficient advance notice.
How to obtain this Service
Our Service Guarantee
  • Staff can expect Audio Visual Services to respond to audiovisual technical issues of an urgent nature (ie.. lecture/conference in progress, "On Air" telecast or client based production) within two to five minutes, either verbally over a telephone, or within the physical travel time to arrive at a particular location on campus.
  • Issues of a less immediate nature will be acknowledged and attended to at our earliest possible convenience and usually within one working day.  Issues relating to training or project planning, will be attended to at mutually negotiated times between ourselves and our clients. 
  • If an issue falls outside of Audio Visual Service's expertise, for example IT / Network / Logon / IPLOD, or Conferencing Connection issues due to network status, we will pass you back to the service desk for appropriate redirection.
Service Manager AV Services Manager
Client Types 
  • Users of teaching spaces (Academic and student).
  • Users of video and audio production suites (Faculty of Arts and Distance Education).
  • Users of television and radio facilities (Faculty of Arts and Distance Education).
  • Administrative AV users.
ICT Section Service Delivery
ICT Team Audio Visual Services
Section Manager Principal Manager - Service Delivery