Support for Lecture Theatres


Support for Lecture Theatres at the Springfield and Toowoomba campuses.
This service provides computing and AV support for desktop computers and AV equipment in lecture theatres maintained by ICT.  Support includes:

  • PC and peripheral configuration, installation, security, maintenance and support.
  • Provision of second network cable and/or vga cable to enable connection of notebook computer to network or AV projection equipment.
  • Software installation, security, maintenance and support.
  • AV equipment configurations (Ist level support for visualiser, VCR, amp, radio microphone, electronic screen, UPS, Tandberg), installation, security, maintenance and support.
  • Assistance with desktop computer lifecycle management (procurement and disposal).
  • Assistance with developing IT/AV equipment turnover planning.

ICT will issue a new generic password (for the ‘usqlecture' account) at the commencement of each month and convey this to each Faculty/Department secretary for use by their academic staff if required. The password can also be provided by the ICT Service Desk upon appropriate client verification.

Contact the ICT Service Desk if you require assistance setting up a lecture theatre for specific teaching requirements.

8.00am - 5.00pm Monday through Friday
How to obtain
this Service
  • Support requests can be logged with the ICT Service Desk at any time or by phone (extn 1900) during working hours.  The ICT Service Desk is located in E Block at the Toowoomba Campus.
  • Alternatively you can log a support request online through ICT Self Service where you can view all issues and their associated histories, logged in your name.
  • ICT is available to provide support for conferences or special events conducted outside normal hours. Rooms are booked through the Office of Facilities Management.
Our Service Guarantee

Standard Operative Environment (SOE) Lecture Theatre images will be updated in consultation with USQ staff and applied twice yearly prior to Semesters 1 and 2.

ICT Service Delivery Coordinator
Client Types
  • Heads of Faculty or delegate.
  • Lecturers.
ICT Section Service Delivery
ICT Team Desktop Support
Principal Manager - Service Delivery