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This service provides access to information and resources dedicated to the resolution of a variety of issues associated with the delivery of ICT services including administration, hardware, software, PC support, telecommunications. Support includes:

  • Investigating computer-related problems or queries.
  • Logging a technical fault or work request.
  • Requesting a telephone service or reporting a telephone fault.
  • Being registered for a computer account or service or have your computer access reset or changed.


ICT Service Desk phones are staffed from Monday to Friday 8.00am-5.00pm (AEST).  A voicemail service provides back-up during these hours when there is an overflow of calls.
The voicemail service operates at all other times and all messages are processed as soon as possible. If you do get the voicemail service, to enable a prompt level of service please leave a message which includes:

  • Your name.
  • Department.
  • Phone extension.
  • A clear description of the nature of the problem. 

Requests will be attended to by Service Desk staff on the next business day.

How to obtain
this Service
  • Support requests can be logged through ICT Self Service at any time or by phone (extn 1900) Monday to Friday 8.00am-5.00pm. 
  • The ICT Service Desk is located in the Toowoomba R Block Hub 10.00am – 2.00pm (Extended hours during busy periods)
  • Alternatively you can log a support request online through ICT Self Service where you can view all issues and their associated histories, logged in your name.

Our Service Guarantee

  • Staff can expect the ICT Service Desk to resolve their queries 60% of the time with the remaining 40% referred to specialist areas.
  • Students can expect the ICT Service Desk to resolve their queries 95% of the time with the remaining calls referred to other areas.


Manager - ICT Service Desk

Client Types

  • USQ Students
  • USQ Staff
  • Visitors

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