Computing and Audio Visual Equipment Services for Lecture Theatres and Labs

What is this service?

Computing lab equipment services includes support for the audio visual equipment and computers installed in computing labs (PC, Laptop, Macintosh, Linux/Unix).  This service also comprises support for Standard Operating Environment (SOE) software images installed on computers connected to the USQ data network and located within general purpose and specialist computer labs that are maintained by the Division of ICT Services.

What does this service include?

  • Remote and on-site support for Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers in the computing labs and peripheral components, including keyboard, mouse and printers
  • AV equipment configurations and support for all audio visual equipment permanently installed within the Lecture Theatres and computer labs
  • Provision of a second network cable and/or VGA cable to enable connection of a notebook computer to the network or AV projection equipment
  • Issue of a monthly generic password for 'usqlecture' account
  • Support for setting up for specific teaching requirements

What is not included in this service?

  • Routine operation of above mentioned equipment
  • Connecting intra-USQ video conference sessions
  • Installation of ad-hoc laptop/tablet computers and associated setting of display resolutions
  • Supply and installation of batteries for faculty or personal IT devices such as laser pointers, camtasia microphones and digital recorders

What can you expect from us?


Service Availability  99.999% availability of published lab opening hours
Support Hours  ICT Service Desk
Critical incident response during support hours  Immediate response for failures affecting access to audio visual and computers during teaching events within support hours
Resolution timeframes
  • Lab workstations repaired within two working days of the report of failure, subject to availability and supply of replacement faulty parts
  • Replacement workstations will be provided to maintain labs at 100% operation during scheduled teaching times
  • General purpose lab printers will be repaired within two working days from the date of the failure report to the holder of the warranty
  • Replacement printers will be made available to maintain the labs at 100% operation during scheduled teaching times

Operational training for all Audio Visual systems across the university is available for new staff and those staff requiring refresher training by prior appointment with the Manager, Audio Visual Services.

Video Conferencing Essentials training is offered several times throughout the teaching calendar year, and all staff expecting to use conferencing equipment within teaching environments are encouraged to attend this course as a pre-requisite, before on-site training is offered on specific equipment. 



How do I access this service?

To report a critical incident that requires an immediate response, call the ICT Service Desk on Ext 1900. Other incidents and requests should be reported to the ICT Service Desk or logged using ICT self service.

Is there a charge for this service?

Provision and support of equipment in lecture theatres and computing labs maintained by ICT is funded by the University and provided at no additional cost to staff. 

When was this service last reviewed?

August 2011