File Storage Space

What is this service?

All USQ staff are provided with two types of storage space for work related files, an individual work area and a department collaborative area. These work files storage areas can also be accessed remotely using University's staff  VPN connection.

Individual Work Area

All staff have an individual work area storage space that is mapped to their H: drive on their desktop computers. These drives are created when the staff account is provisioned and is mapped on their work desktop automatically upon logon. This work area has a 6GB space allocation for each staff.

Department/Collaborative Work Area

All departments/faculties have a collaborative work area storage space for their staff which is typically mapped to J: drive on their desktop computers. These storage areas have size quota applied for growth monitoring and capacity planning purposes. Request can be made by staff to access other collaborative work areas.

What does this service include?

  • Automatic allocation of 6GB individual work files storage area when staff commence employment at USQ. The file storage area is mapped to H: Drive
  • Allocation to a collaborative work file storage area mapped to J: Drive. Staff can request access to other shared folders with approval from their supervisor and the owner of the shared folder
  • Restoration of data stored on H: and J: Drives. Restoration of data more than a month old may take significantly more effort to complete. Time taken to complete such requests will depend on the circumstances of the request.
  • Access to H and J Drives when off campus using VPN connection

What is not included in this service?

  • Increase in storage allocation of H Drive

What can you expect from us?

 Service Availability  24x7
 Support Hours  ICT Service Desk

How do I access  this service?

The ICT Service Desk is the first point of contact for enquiries regarding file storage. You can also log a support request using  ICT self service

Is there a charge for this service?

File storage services for content stored on individual Home Drives and Shared Drives is funded by the University and provided at no additional cost to staff..

When was this service last reviewed?

July 2014