ICT Services for Research

What is this service?

ICT Services operates a High Performance Computing Cluster for processing, memory and data intensive computational requirements. USQ's membership of QCIF gives our research community access to additional larger HPC facilities.


USQ is a participant in Eduroam which provides wireless network access to USQ researchers and staff when visiting participating sites.

USQ is a founding member of the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) providing USQ researchers with access to world-class high-performance computing and large-scale data-storage infrastructure together with expertise, services and support for the effective research application of the infrastructure.

USQ is a member and subscriber of the Australian Access Federation (AAF) which provides a framework and support infrastructure to facilitate trusted electronic communications and collaboration within and between universities and research institutions in Australian and overseas, incorporating federated identity access to Australian Research Infrastructure.

USQ are shareholders in the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet), who provide high-capacity leading-edge internet services for the tertiary eduction and research sector communities and their research partners.

The Council of Australian Directors of IT (CAUDIT) provides an eResearch Services store as a repository of information relating to eResearch services available to researchers within the Australian Higher Education and Research environments. The store provides a single information source of discoverable eResearch services which exemplify the level of innovation and development in eResearch services by the Australian research community.

How do I access this service?

We are able to provide advice and recommendations on enterprise software usage for research and specifications on ICT equipment and hardware for Research Grants and proposals, including definition of supported platforms and any ongoing support considerations.

For more information please contact the High Performance Computing Support Officer.

When was this service last reviewed?

July 2014