ICT Service Desk

What is this service?

The ICT Service Desk handles issues associated with the delivery of ICT Services.  The Service Desk team solves as many issues as possible at first point of contact, and logs and distributes failures and service requests.

What is included in this service?

  • Staff computer related problems
  • Issues regarding technical, computer, systems, telephone and computer faults
  • Requests for services
  • Registration for a computer account or service
  • Site licence software or public domain software

What is not included in this service?

  • Assistance with installing or removing software and viruses on personal computers (non-USQ)
  • Support for non-USQ internet access problems or installations (Telstra, broadband)
  • Support for android phones and other mobile technologies
  • Support for non-USQ web services such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other related services
  • Assistance with student assignments

What can you expect from us

 Service Availability  8.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
 Support Hours  8.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
 Fix on First Contact  Staff can expect the ICT Service Desk to resolve 60% of queries received with the remaining 40% referred to specialist areas

How do I access this service?

Failures and requests can be logged at any time through ICT self service or by email.  You can contact the ICT Service Desk by phone (1900) during work hours or visit them in E Block at the Toowoomba Campus.  If you log a support request through ICT self service you can view all your issues and their associated histories.

Is there a charge for this service?

The ICT Service Desk is funded by the University and provided at no additional cost to staff.

When was this service last reviewed?

August 2011