Video Conferencing

What is this service?

Support for video conferencing events and training in the use of video-conferencing systems.

What does this service include?

  • On-site support for technical failures
  • Training in the use of video conferencing systems to enable staff to become self-sufficient in day-to-day operations involving standard repeatable internal events
  • Connection assistance for one-off external events
  • Assistance with other special events requiring video conferencing
  • Maintenance of web pages listing video conferencing locations and types of connections available

What is not included in this service?

  • Attendance by ICT staff on a 'just-in-case' basis for the length of the conference or to setup and initiate connections prior to any routine conferencing event
  • Booking of rooms and equipment

What can you expect from us?

 Service Availability  24/7
 Support Hours  ICT Service Desk
  • Generic video conferencing training is offered on a regular basis as per the ICT schedule on the Professional Development site
  • Specific training for individual room equipment available on request

How do I access this service?

Request for video-conferencing connections and special events are logged through ICT self service.  Technical failures are reported to the Service Desk via 1900 or through a hot line if in a teaching space.

Is there a charge for this service?

Video conferencing is funded by the University and provided at no extra cost to USQ staff. 

When was this service last reviewed?

October 2011