USQ Wireless

The USQ Wireless network is designed to provide access across all USQ Campuses for Staff, Students, Visitors and Guests.  Wireless access points are located throughout all 3 campuses. 

There are three different levels of wireless access provided.

USQ-Guest (For visitors and conference attendees)

Visitors or on campus conference attendees will need to connect to this wireless network.  Temporary accounts can be setup upon request at the ICT Service Desk, located on the bottom floor of E Block.

USQ-Secure (For staff and students) 

Both staff and students will access this wireless network.  Based on the username and password entered each staff or student will be assigned the appropriate network access.  Windows users will have to update their access each time they change their password.


This network is provided for visitors from eduroam participating institutions and USQ Staff visiting other Universities in Australia or overseas who participate in the eduroam project.  You can see if your institution is participating by visiting the eduroam Australia website.  The USQ eduroam network utilises WPA/TKIP encryption and 802.1x authentication.

To connect to the Wireless Network (once only process)

There are three steps you must follow to connect to the wireless network.

If you do not use Eduroam and your portable device is a iPhone, iPad or Mac laptop, you are not required to download and install the client.  Proceed to step 3.

1.   Download and Install the Client

Staff and Students (Windows) 
Staff and Students who use Eduroam (Windows)
Staff and Students who use Eduroam (iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX Lion or later)
Staff and Students who use Eduroam (Mac OSX Snow Leopard or earlier)

2.   Reboot your PC to complete the Installation

3.   Follow instructions for your operating system to connect to the wireless network.

Please contact the ICT Service desk (extn 1900) if you experience problems connecting to the wireless network.