Android support

Due to diversity and inconsistency between Android devices, ICT Services does not provide support for or guarantee connection to USQ Wireless from Android devices. 

The following information may assist you to connect your device:

  • Some Android versions/manufacturers do not support AES encryption.  AES encryption is used to reduce risk of transmission interception on USQ-Secure (Staff and Student wireless use)
  • Some Android versions/manufacturers are not proxy aware.  Proxy is required on USQ-Secure for staff and students to access the internet

Version specific information

  • Android Froyo V2.2.x (cannot connect to USQ-Secure
    • No AES support
    • Not proxy aware
  • Android Gingerbread V2.3.x (can connect to USQ-Secure and can browse only USQ websites and not access the internet
    • AES support
    • Not proxy aware
  • Android Honeycomb V3.x (some versions/manufacturers can connect to USQ-Secure and can access the internet)
    • AES support
    • Some proxy support

A workaround for staff that cannot connect to USQ-Secure is to use Eduroam.  Eduroam uses WPA2 encryption and no proxy, however you will need to be able to download and install the Eduroam certificate to your device (if your device allows this).  You may also require VPN to access some secure services.

Eduroam is currently not available to USQ students however this is under review.

ICT Services currently has a project to upgrade the perimeter firewall and will remove the requirement for proxy support.  This will mean Android devices that support AES will work on the USQ network.

If you need to access USQ Wireless please download and install the certificate.  You may be prompted for a PIN or password to protect the certificate and then you will be prompted for a name.  Once installed you will simply select this as the CA Certificate when connecting to USQ wireless.

Connecting to Eduroam

If you are a staff member and wanting to connect your Android device to Eduroam please use the following settings:

EAP Method:  TTLS
Phase 2 Authentication:  PAP
Anonymous identity:  <blank>
Wireless Password:  <USQ password>