USQ Wireless - Manual Configuration Settings

To connect to the Wireless Network (manually)

USQ-Secure uses WPA2 – AES Encryption and 802.1x authentication. This is commonly called WPA2 – Enterprise by many wireless programs.

If you wish to configure your own software or appliance to connect to USQ-Secure you may need the following settings:
(This is for advance users and no ICT support provided)

SSID: USQ-Secure
Network Type: Infrastructure
Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption Type: AES
Authentication Method (outer): PEAP
Outer identity: Anonymous (no credentials)
Authentication Method (inner): EAP
EAP Type: EAP-GTC (some software combines Authentication Method (inner) and EAP Type to a field called Authentication Protocol
Username: [Your USQ Username] (do not use USQ\username or , etc)
Password: [Your USQ Password]
Domain: [Leave Blank]