Alessandra - Learning from the best

A desire to study with world renowned sports psychologist, Peter Terry, motivated Alessandra Mecozzi Saha to move from Rome to Toowoomba, where she is researching the effects of music on performance.


 Alessandra Mecozzi Saha

What do you think of Toowoomba?

It’s a busy life! Toowoomba has busy backstage, you have to get involved if you want to see that.

How does living in Australia compare to living in Italy?

The open and outgoing lifestyle is the same - I think that’s why many Italians settle in well here and why many Australians love travelling to Italy.

What have you enjoyed most about your USQ experience so far?

The people I’ve met.

What are the best things about your course?

Research allows you to be flexible with your hours but that isn’t always a good thing!

How is the relationship like between you and your lecturers?

Great. I like pressure and Peter gives me plenty of that, but he also provides support so I can handle it.

Have you accessed any of USQ’s support systems?

Each department has a headquarter and, if you can’t find your headquarters, Student Services are there to give you a hand! I’ve had a good experience with the Psychology department and ICT has also been a great help.

Is USQ helping you achieve your career and life goals?

Yes, I’m currently achieving my goal by contributing to performance enhancement within a university setting. Family, fun and travelling are my life. Career-wise, I find national and international organized sport settings appealing. And supporting talent in all sports by working with young athletes, their parents and coaches is a very important part of that I believe. Support them early!