Before you leave home

Once you have been granted a student visa, there are certain important tasks you need to do before you leave your country.

Book your flight to Australia

Book your flight to Australia. Make sure you arrive in time to attend your USQ Orientation.

Register for the free transport from the airport

Register for the free transport from the airport and complete our online booking form to arrange for USQ to meet you when arriving at the airport in Australia.

Book your accommodation

It is important to arrange your accommodation before arriving in Australia. You can choose between our on-campus residential colleges or private, off-campus accommodation.

What to bring 

Take a look at our 'What to bring' list to remind you of the essential things to pack for your trip to Australia. 

Bringing your family

If you are bringing your family to Australia, there are a few additional factors to consider.

Learn about the cost of living in Australia

Take a look at our cost of living in Australia guide to compare the cost of living between the three USQ campuses to help plan your stay in Australia.