Hello my name is Ben and I’m from Sweden and I’m a student at USQ. Well I’m from Sweden, Gävle it’s a small town that you’ve probably never heard of, two hours North of Stockholm. I’ve lived there for, not all my life but basically all my life because I went out travelling for a couple of years and then I came back and started to realise time was catching up with me so I started at the uni. I worked at the prison as a prison guard or a warden but I get bored of that because too much criminal people basically and I didn’t want to work with people in that kind of fashion. So I realised I had to do something with my life because I didn’t want to end up being 40 years old or 50 years old and still working at the prison so I need an education. Well the program I’m studying is business and administration and I’m doing courses such as global marketing and workplace health and safety among others. One of my favourite teachers here was Jarrod Bertros and he helped me a lot and gave me self confidence and had some really interesting discussions. He was one of the better ones. In all the teachers I had even compared to Sweden, that I had which is good. So if you hear this I’m not sucking up, telling it the way it is. Well the resources here at USQ I think is really good. Library is really good and helpful staff and I found every book I ever looked for. K labs are really good, the computer labs because it’s open like 24/7 and you get access to it so it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it on a Sunday evening or whenever basically. If you want to sit in the middle all night you can do it. Here you have like study books, we don’t have those in Sweden. I find those really good because you can get an overview of what you’re studying which, for me is really good. So many people here, students that have been here for a while. I think they help me a lot when I’m here because when I have some enquiries about something and they know how to do it. Well the social aspect here at USQ I think I’ve been lucky; I’ve met a lot of people here, heaps of them, as you say in Australia and I socialise with lots of them. We do lots of things together, everything from partying to travel together and to more partying and then going to the movies. I’ve been travelling quite a bit here in Australia so I’d say when I went up to the Great Barrier Reef and did some scuber diving that was one of the highlights and Sydney as well, experience the town. But then from a studying standpoint I think it was overall, some lectures and participating in classes so they were really interesting. I like the Australian mentality because it’s really laid back and don’t worry and all that and people are so friendly here. In Sweden they never. For example if you go out in the street walking someone can say hi to you and you’ve never seen that person here. But in Sweden they never do that. You can have sat on the same bus for 10 years, everyday to work and never said hi to each other. I’d definitely recommend studying here at USQ to other students because I think it’s a really good University and there are really supportive staff members here working everywhere and I think the education so far, for me has been really rewarding here.