Hi, My name is Dez and I’m a USQ international student. I am from Montana and I’m from the small town named Judith Gap. I’ve been there since 8th grade but I’ve been around other places in Montana. Before I came to USQ I was studying at Montana State University and I was studying in the county in there. This is my third year, finishing up my third year so next semester will be my fourth year. When I came over here, I came over here with a girl that I met the amnesty study abroad exchange, we had an orientation and I met her. She said she was coming to Toowoomba to study so we’re like “Oh let’s get a plane ticket together and fly over to Toowoomba together” We also live on the same college. I think the classes are a little bit less stressful than back in Montana, the more laid back culture here and like living on college it’s like a family to me and everyone accepts who I am. We have different activities that we all participate in and get to know each other and it’s just more like a family and I like that atmosphere around here. The courses here are a completely different structure; they’re more like you don’t have to go to class which is very helpful if you’re sick that day. You can just go look at your study desk and find out all the things that happened in class that day. The learning resources are very good; I come to the library to study when I can’t study in my block because there is too many noises going on and the computers, my internet on my laptop is not good all of the time so I come here to the computers and they’re just as good as my laptop and help out a lot. If I have a question I go to the ask for help over there and they’ll help me. The person that really helped me with my adjustments was my RA, Rachel Elwood that lives on still red with me. She helped me settle in and helped me get to the places I needed to get to because I didn’t know the campus very well. I thought it was pretty big and I was like lost on campus until she told me what buildings to go to. I don’t understand some of the slang here and she translates for me pretty much. When I finish here at USQ I am going back home to see all my friends and family again and start school back up at Montana State University and finish school there and then I plan on getting a job in the county firm working somewhere in Montana or wherever my career takes me I would recommend students to come to USQ. The atmosphere is so laid back and friendly. Like, you can walk up to anybody and they’ll be your friend pretty much and just help you around. It’s just they treat you like family here.