Tuition fees* 

1.    Total refunds

1.1.    In the event that an offer of a place is withdrawn or the institution is unable to provide the course, all tuition fees paid for the semester are fully refundable. In the case of a student transferring providers the USQ Refund Policy may not apply. Please refer to the appropriate USQ policy at the time of request to transfer.

1.2.    A student who fails to meet degree/diploma progression rules and who is thus not permitted to re-enrol will be eligible for a refund of fees if paid in advance of notification of exclusion.

1.3.    A notice of withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances (see 2 below) may be accepted as grounds for a total refund of tuition fees paid for the semester.

2.    Grounds for refunds

A notice of withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances may be accepted as grounds for either a total or partial refund of fees, subject to the provision of acceptable documentary evidence in support of the application for a refund, including:

(i)    inability to obtain a student visa

(ii)    illness or disability

(iii)    death of the student or a close family member (parent, sibling, spouse or child)

(iv)    political, civil or natural event that prevents full payment of fees.

3.    No refunds

Where a student withdraws from a course after the last date to drop courses in that semester (see important dates), and the withdrawal is not subject to exceptional circumstances, or has been rejected as an exceptional circumstance, a student will not be eligible for a refund of Tuition Fees for that course.

4.    Fee refunds for international students who obtain permanent resident status in Australia

4.1    An international student who is granted Permanent Resident status in Australia and who is resident in Australia for the duration of the course may be given the option of becoming a Commonwealth supported student when enrolled in a Commonwealth supported program. They will be required to pay their Student Contribution Amount upfront without discount, and will not be given the option to obtain a HECS-HELP loan.

If the student is the holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa, they will be eligible for a discount on upfront payments and will be eligible for a HECS-HELP loan. In non-Commonwealth supported programs, Australian permanent residents are liable for Tuition/ Direct fees applicable to domestic students.

4.2    If the student obtains Permanent Resident status after the census date in a semester, the student will be classified as an international student for the remainder of that semester.

The student will be liable to pay the tuition fees applying to international students for that semester. From the following semester, the student will be classified as a Permanent Resident and will be liable for the Student Contribution Amount in accordance with the Higher Education Guidelines, or full fees applying to domestic students.

Please refer to USQ's Refund of Student Fees Policy  for further information on fee refunds for permanent residents.

5.    Payment of refunds

5.1    Request for a refund must be in writing.

5.2    If a student is transferring to another recognised educational institution within Australia, then applicable refund due may be transferred to that institution. Otherwise, all refunds will be made in the student's home country, except in exceptional circumstances.

5.3    Refunds will be made payable to the student, unless authorised otherwise by the student in writing. It is not permissible to transfer funds directly from the student's own account to that of another student.

5.4    The student can request the refund to be in their preferred currency. If this information is not provided, or where USQ is unable to transfer the preferred currency due to international banking limitations or where the cost of transfer would result in excessive international bank charges for either party, USQ will select the most appropriate foreign currency. This will be made in the student’s home country, except in exceptional circumstances.

6.    Appeals process related to fee refunds

There is a clearly defined appeals process relating to the refund of fees, whereby the institution's decisions regarding fee refunds can be appealed if the student believes that the institution has not honoured its stated fee refunds policy, or not all of the relevant information has been taken into account.

7.    Alternative remedies

(i)    Where a student agrees to the terms of the USQ Refund Policy, such agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia's consumer protection laws.

(ii)    The University's resolution processes (set out in clause 6 above) do not circumscribe the student's right to pursue other remedies.

8.    Payment of refund to be made within a timely manner

Any refund of 'cleared funds' due and payable to a student under these provisions will be processed within a timely manner from when the request is received in writing at the international office of the University of Southern Queensland.

9.    Provider default

Students are advised that a default by the registered provider (the University) cannot be covered by a written agreement between the provider and the student. Such situations are covered by the provisions of the ESOS Act 2000 and the ESOS Regulations 2001.

* Not applicable to international students studying through an overseas USQ Education Partner.

Non-tuition fees refund procedures (for on-campus students)

1.    Accommodation fees

(i)    On-campus USQ Residential Colleges

Accommodation fees are payable one semester in advance. In the event that a student terminates their residency after having entered College, no refunds of fees will be made for their early departure nor any release made from their liability for a full semester fee, except where, during the semester:

(a)    the student becomes no longer an enrolled student of the University

(b)    the University changes the enrolment status of the student from on–campus to external studies

(c)    the University defers the student's enrolment to another semester or year

(d)    the student is able to substantiate extenuating circumstances justifying their conclusion of their contract with the University.

Any release of a student from their contractual obligation made in accordance with this rule will be subject to the approval of the Head of Residential Colleges.

(ii)    Off-campus accommodation - residential tenancies
The refunds payable are consistent with the rules and regulations implemented by the Residential Tenancy Authority of Queensland

(iii)    Off-campus accommodation - homestay
All accommodation fees are paid one week in advance with no partial refund payable in the event of departure before expiration of the week.

2.    OSHC student health care

As a student, you can apply in writing for a refund of the unexpired portion of your premium if:

(i)    you paid your premium and did not come to Australia

(ii)    your Student Visa was not extended

(iii)    you returned to your country of origin before the end of your approved stay for reasons outside your control

(iv)    you have been granted Permanent Resident status in Australia.

Refund Policy

Please refer to USQ's Refund of Student Fees Policy  for further information.