Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SA Fee) was introduced to provide you with enhanced student services and amenities related to:

  • health and welfare
  • orientation and support
  • student development and enrichment, and
  • student assistance programs.

To represent the interests of students the University has established the USQ Student Forum. The Student Forum is a group of democratically elected students who represent all USQ students regarding how the use of these funds is prioritised.

For further information please review the list of Current priorities for the Student Amenities Fees funding.

How much is the SA Fee?

The SA Fee is ongoing and will be included in your tuition fee so you will not be charged extra on top of your tuition. The amount is based on the number of units you study per semester however no full-time student will be charged more than the maximum Student Amenities Fee annual amount of $281 over three semesters per year (indexed annually) as per Administration Guidelines.

In 2014 most students will pay a minimum of $35 for one course and a maximum of $281 for eight or more courses in the full year. This will depend on the number of units studied in each semester.