Hi, My name is Jahanvi, I’m an International student at USQ. I’m from India, really near Bombay. I’ve never been in any other country before I came to Australia. It made me very scared when I decided to come to Australia. My brother is working in USQ, he asked me if I’m looking at a city and this is a pretty good city if you want to study and then I chose it. I’m studying a Post-Grad diploma in business. This is my last semester for that, but I’ve enrolled in my master program, that’s the master of professional accounting. I’m an SRC member, the student representative council member as international student representative, so that was the change for me to be on any leadership, because I was scared that in a new area in a new country I’m being be the leader without knowing the culture of the people here, but the international is the same as what I’m feeling. So I be there and I try to contact as many students here to be a part of USQ’s gatherings and social events, so we can be together and talk about what our problems are or we can just have fun. The health facilities especially for the international students at the international student office. If you are not comfortable to talk to any other staff member or don’t know who to go to for this particular question, you can ask her because she is an international student officer, she may not know the answer to your question but she can guide you to where you can find the answer. The student services have the answer to any question you have in your first six months, so I really get help from the student services. But no one can help you if you are not going to ask them. They have the intention to help you, but they can’t help you if I’m not going to share my view or what problems I’m facing. My accounting lecturer, she is the lecturer in the course and the course coordinator for the course. She’s really nice. Tomorrow is my exam, I asked her the night before at 9PM, this is my question and I’m confused here, can you please answer me and she replied in one minute. And that made me really happy that the lecturers really care about the students here.