Jin Young - Her USQ Journey

A passion for biology and a desire to become an Australian resident motivated Jin Young Ro to move from South Korea to Toowoomba to study a Bachelor of Nursing. Having completed a nursing course in South Korea, Jin Young was eligible to receive exemptions, enabling her to complete her studies in two years.

 Jin Young

 Jin Young Ro

How did you find out about USQ?

I came to Brisbane on a working/holiday visa a few years ago and, while I was working in Brisbane, I changed my mind and decided to study further. So I went along to an agency, IDP Australia, and they introduced me to USQ.

What did you enjoy most about USQ?

I think the nursing course is organised with lots of clinical placements and the lecturers and tutors are very friendly. There were nearly 300 students in my year including students from Australia, India, Saudi Arabia and four or five of us from South Korea, so there were a lot of cultures.

What are the best things about your course?

If you are looking at studying nursing I can highly recommend USQ. I learnt a lot of practical applications and I now feel very confident in a hospital setting. The clinical placements are very good for nursing students and nursing has a good reputation.

What did you think of Toowoomba?

Toowoomba is really good place if you want to focus on your studies. I used to live in big city and I didn’t like the pollution or traffic jams or crowding, so I wanted to live in a smaller place. So it is good.