Jollyanes - Her USQ Journey

Jollyanes Ledo has been pleasantly surprised by the high level of multiculturalism on campus at USQ. The Artha Wacana Christian University (AWCU) English Theology teacher from West Timor is living in Toowoomba, while she studies her Master of Education.


 Jollyanes Ledo

How come you are studying a Master of Education?

I completed my undergraduate degree in theology and am now teaching religion to university students in Indonesia. English Theology is about the bible and teaching people how to worship in English and understand the scripture in English. So I think this degree will help me enrich my knowledge as I have a better understanding of language and methods of teaching English, which is very useful.

Do you like Toowoomba?

Yes. We think Toowoomba is a great place to study. We also have two children, a son in grade six and a daughter in grade three, and they are very happy which is the most important thing!. It’s a big change and a big change of environment for us, but we are very happy.

Have you accessed any support systems?

Yes, my husband is on a scholarship from the Australian Government and I am on a scholarship from the Indonesian Government, so that helps. In terms of the university, I think the library is very good and has a Multifaith centre, where people share and pray together. If I feel homesick, I go to the multifaith centre.

What have you enjoyed most about your USQ experience so far?

The lecturers are very qualified and very supportive and respond to our needs and questions related to the course. I also love the environment as we get to experience many another cultures. I have 20 people in my class and only two are Australian. The only people are from China, Korea, Libya, Malaysia and other countries.

Overall, are you happy with USQ?

Not just happy. Very happy.