Raed - A passion for water

Iraqi Engineer, Raed Ahmed Mahmood Al-Juboori, is completing a Master of Environmental Engineering at the Toowoomba Campus. Raed aims to find work in the expanding area of water treatment following the completion of his three-year thesis.


            Raed Ahmed Mahmood Al-Juboori

How did you find out about USQ?

When I graduated with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Baghdad I ranked 4th out of 78 students, so I won a scholarship to study anywhere I wanted. But I had a friend who went to USQ and he explained to me that the environment was welcoming and very suitable for studying. In addition, USQ organises various types of functions every year, where you get to know students from different nationalities and know about their cultures. So I found a supervisor at the Faculty of Engineering and Surveying who accepted to supervise me in my proposed project, I corresponded with him via email and went from there.

What is the focus of your research?

In water treatment plants they use a membrane system to treat water to a potable water quality but this system suffers from the accumulation of the microorganisms on the membrane that affects adversely on the performance of the system. So my project is an attempt to introduce the use of ultrasound technology to remedy this problem through deactivating the existing microorganisms in the upstream of the system and reduce its adhesion onto the membrane.

What have you enjoyed most about your USQ experience so far?

What I like most about USQ is that the staff and the people are approachable, friendly and they always offer you a help whenever they fell you are struggling with your study or facing any other problems apart from studying.

Have you accessed any support systems?

I always contact the ICT helpdesk whenever I need to install software that is useful for my study and I have even taken my own computer to them and they have given me advice of how to fix issues. I have also accessed USQ Library's online loan and photocopy search-and-request service, which provides students with the resources that are not available at the USQ library.

Where do you live?

At the Student Village, the price for living is affordable, as the electricity and water bills are included within the rent and they have a regular cleaning system besides it is close to Uni.

What advice can you give to prospective international students?

I’d love to say that if you want to pick a quiet place where you can study without distraction, than USQ is going to be your first and best option.