Exchange with a USQ Partner

USQ’s Partner Exchange Experience offers you an opportunity to study part of your degree overseas with one of our participating Partners for one semester, and experience their unique culture and lifestyle. You can gain more confidence and independence from your study abroad experience, and learn more about your area of study in a whole new context.

As our Partners offer the same USQ courses at their locations, you can keep studying your degree program with USQ - just at a different location. You can study with local and other international students, and share your Australian study experiences with them.

Choose to study with one of our Exchange Partners

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Visa requirements

To study overseas, most countries require students to have a student visa. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides links to all foreign embassies and consulates in Australia.

If you choose to study abroad with a USQ Partner:

  • you will need to remain enrolled at USQ while attending a USQ Education Partner
  • you do not receive an award from the host university, and
  • you will be required to continue paying tuition fees to USQ.

Exchange students

The Exchange Program allows USQ students to study at a foreign institution for one or two semesters. USQ Exchange students:

  • enrol directly with a foreign university
  • do not receive an award from the host university
  • receive credit for their USQ degree upon successful completion of their studies at a foreign university

Want more information?

If you have any questions about studying abroad with a USQ Partner, you can contact USQ International.