Hi my name is Swechha. I have just graduated from the University of Southern Queensland as a Nurse. I was born in Nerang it’s a small town in Nepal and after class five I moved down to Kathmandu because of the financial instabilities in my family and I moved to my Aunt and from class 6 and my high school and whole nursing I spent in Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal. I went into nursing because my, all of my, most, I think five of my Aunts, six Aunts were all involved in the nursing and I saw them since I was very small to when I past my high school and then I saw them going out and abroad and working as a nurse and getting a good career. I’m like okay this must be a good choice for a career so I wanted to do nursing so I told them and they helped me pay for my nursing studies and after these studies, I joined nursing campus in Kathmandu on health campus and studied there for three years. I was at first overwhelmed because this was the first time I came outside Nepal and to Australia. Because many people coming to Australia for studies or migrating to Australia. I was overwhelmed and surprised whether and confused whether how people would be and the studies would be and things like that. When I came here everything was so good like everyone was so friendly and it was just like coming to another Nepal. When we first started orientation week, one of the staff came with us and talked with us face to face and we got to know about each other and how things were going on in campus. When I started my studies I was like, bit different to Nepal, like the way they teach in Nepal but it was pretty good like internet based and all computers and also the classes were very small and very face to face and you got to interact with your teachers. When I came up here, I stayed in the backpackers for one week or so and later on found a big, nice new furnished unit which was quite affordable. Four students, pretty affordable and near to uni, like 20 minutes walk to uni. Most of the nursing students are working for some big hospitals and some of them are working in aged care facilities. Those who have graduated are working as registered nurses in the hospital and in aged care facilities and those who haven’t graduated are working, are employed in the aged care facilities as a personal care work. Some are assisting the nursing in Hervey bay hospital. I had a very great 2 years in my student life at USQ.