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Andrew Mason

Andrew MasonI teach Communication and Media Studies at USQ, as an Associate Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Communication, Faculty of Arts. I have always had an interest in the media and how people make sense of their world. Communication is central to all areas of human endeavour, and provides a broad, interesting and important area of study.

Prior to working at USQ I worked in the areas of media and marketing in Toowoomba. When I was quite young I worked in radio and video production and I decided to attend university as an undergraduate and I found it was a place where I felt comfortable and welcome to discuss ideas. When I finished my degree, I worked at USQ in various roles in a part-time capacity, whilst working in marketing, media and public relations at a major regional arts organisation in Toowoomba. This allowed me to maintain the connection with USQ, whilst further developing my professional skills. In 2007 I commenced working full time at USQ.

At USQ we are encouraged to engage with our local communities, and the broader business community. USQ’s Corporate Club is one USQ development that actively encourages community engagement.

I have found that at USQ you get to talk to people at all levels and get involved in projects. It feels like a small community and you can really get to know everyone here.

At USQ there is a culture of encouraging involvement, engagement and of lifelong learning, both formal and informal.