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Interview outcomes

Once the interviews have been completed, the panel will consider and assess all applicants against the experience, skills and capabilities required. Candidates will either be considered appointable or not appointable.

The panel will then recommend an applicant to be appointed and seek verbal referee reports from at least two nominated referees. Information obtained from referees will be considered together with your application, resume, interview and any other selection tools used. Panels will treat referee information as an equally important aspect of fact finding in relation to your application.

The panel's recommendation and supporting information is then forwarded to the appropriate delegate for approval.

If you have been successful, the University will prepare a written contract of employment and contact you by telephone to congratulate you on your success. You will then be sent the contract of employment which contains:

  • salary information
  • start date
  • supervisor
  • probation, and
  • other conditions of employment

You should not make any decisions regarding the offer of employment until the written contract of employment is received, read and understood. You will need to consider this contract carefully and then sign and return it to the University to indicate your acceptance of the offer of employment.

If you have not been successful in obtaining a position after the interview, you will be advised via email. Unsuccessful applicants can seek feedback from the panel chair by contacting Human Resources.

This process can take up to two weeks from the date of the interview.