My name is Joe Guerrini. I’m the Manager of Financial Operations. I work in the Financial Services Department and have been at the University for two and a half years now.

I saw this opportunity come up and thought it would be a good chance for me to do something different at this point in my life. I need to just push the boundaries, and this has certainly done that for me, you know, I’ve pushed the boundaries. I do say to people when they ask me “How do you get on?” I say “Well it’s harder, it’s definitely harder, but I do enjoy it”, because I do work with good people and that makes it very easy for me to do what I’ve got to do.

The superannuation, the lifestyle the career challenges was everything that I wanted to put together as a package. The lifestyle is what really drives me in the context of USQ and its work. Purely just for a logistical point of view, getting from home and to work is simple, quick, fast, allows you more time to do other things.

The superannuation is one of the major factors why I decided to move. The superannuation was just so much better here than where my previous employer was.

The support staff that support the management are very good and very keen and very much want to do what they can to support the whole educational experience that the students get here. My support staff are exceptional. I can go away on a rostered day off or annual leave and feel very comfortable that things are going to go okay.

The facilities here are good, everything you need to do your job.

The career challenges, the actual opportunities for me to push myself to where I will probably end up getting to a higher level position in the University, having so many different areas in the University opens up a lot of doors in the context of being able to go across to other areas.

You do get chances to look at other jobs and move up through the ladder of the organisation and gain experience.